The 2 F’s

So yesterday I was hit with the double whammy, the dreaded fatigue and fibro fog.

From the minute I opened my eyes to when I eventually fell asleep I felt as if I was in a very restricted bubble. It exhausted me to just think, I felt like my whole body was made of lead, and nothing could penetrate the bubble. Today I barely remember anything about yesterday, conversations, what I watched etc. It’s there it is just out of my reach, that to me sometimes is what it all feels like, I know what I want to say, or do but I just can’t, it’s like a never ending corridor that your running down but never leaving.

I often get asked to describe how it feels. To be frank unless you have it you will never truly know.

Do you know how frustrating that is, that you know your intelligent, that you was active, but now you can’t move, and your thoughts and speech becomes so jumbled, so chaotic that you sound stupid, you sound like you have never been taught the English language. When you feel like you’ve just done a 10 mile hike up hill and you’ve only got up from the bed and walked to the toilet. How can anyone live like that day in and day out, I do, we do. Us warriors fight against not only these two symptoms but many many others.

So while the two F’s were attacking me with everything they had, I was in chronic pain all over, made worse by just being a woman….. Yes the dreaded monthlies. Funny thing now I used to wish I never had them, now I’d gladly just have them and you can take the fibro. At least yesterday I only had those four things attacking my body…… I’m thankful for that. I have to find the positive and hold onto those moments when it isn’t 10 or more symptoms attacking at once.

We fight everyday because we have to, it doesn’t mean though we that we have to do it alone. There are thousands of us sadly.

Today I’m resting, usually I would try and do a few chores, as the fatigue has eased. This time in listening to my body, my energy is still depleted not fatigued, there is a difference.

Final thought for the day………I stay positive because there are others much worse of than me, they are the amazing warriors. Gentle hugs to you all

Mish 🦋💜

2 thoughts on “The 2 F’s

  1. Oh Mish I’m sending you big hugs. And I hope ur feeling a little bit better today, I’m so glad I found you, I feel like I can show my daughters your write up and say “see theirs a lady that suffers everyday like me”. I wrote on ur tiktok about going A&E last night, I saw the first Dr who was great a lady, who listened to me, my daughter was going mad cos I said I had fibro, cos as soon as u say that, they seem to loose interest, but she was ok sent me for urgent bloods, but sadly she had to go home her shift was done, but she said if the bloods come back ok you can go home but Ul be back first thing tomorrow for scans, but no my results came back ok (like they always do) and the male Dr just said u can go home if the pain persists go to ur GP… I said what about the scans tomorrow, he just smiled and said no u don’t need a scan just go see ur own GP so as u can imagine, I was fumin, Wasted 5hrs sat there waiting for answers ….. sorry for the essay, but I feel I can talk to u cos u understand, like u said if u havnt got it u won’t understand what we go through every day,,, Thankyou for your time with this blog
    Gail xx

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    1. Hey lovely, I hate going to A&E because of that very reason, it’s hit or miss whether you get a believer or not. Shouldn’t be that way, we suffer because of it, not them.
      I would bombard your gp, keep a daily journal of everything you eat, take, use to try and have some sort of existence, your symptoms and pain levels throughout the day. Just keep adding to it and everytime you see anyone, gp, hospital etc take it with you. If you can get someone to film you whilst your in a really bad flare that can help too, take pictures when you swell etc.
      I’ve stopped trying to find the answer with professionals and their prescriptions because they make me worse and the tabs don’t work. So I’m getting better by myself, and what I’m doing and using seems to be working for me, I went to the pain clinic the other day and my muscle strength, and reflexes are getting stronger and my sensation is slightly better on my left side. A few months ago I lasted 2 minutes of it before I was sobbing in agony, that is due to the changes in my diet, the alternative medicines I take and the gentle stretches I do when I can.
      If you would like to try what I use I would start with the tumeric, magnesium, holy basil and the gentle stretches when you can, to see if they work. Don’t do too much too soon, I promise you, it will get a bit better.
      I hope your a bit better today, sending you gentle hugs xx


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