The F Word Blog

Where to begin, so at age 37 I found myself beginning to struggle with a few symptoms I was beginning to experience. The main one being pain, it started in my left hip and lower left side of my back. I was a Hotel Reception Manager at the time, I was on my feet 5-6 days a week for at least 9-12 hours, depending on staff. I loved my job, but I was finding it very difficult to push through the pain. So I saw my GP. She was great referred me for a scan and MRI on my hip and back. I was also given opioids to tackle the pain.

Shoot forward a year and I in a new Job, at first it was great, then it became very stressful which normally I would love, I have thrived on chaos and stress. Always asked for the busiest shifts or took the most active jobs. But this time it floored me, whereas before I shone now the stress was attacking my body. All these other symptoms started to appear. I thought I was going crazy.

Sorry Guys Fibro Fog is kicking in again, and my pain is building. I will have to finish this tomorrow.

Sending you all gentle hugs



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