Where do I go from here?

Good Afternoon My Warriors

Before Fibromyalgia I had a great life, only complaint health wise was my IBS. Now since the F word hit me, I have no life. I simply exist, there is no purpose to it anymore. I’ve lost who I am, my mental Health is at an all time low and I really miss working.

I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but when you are so lost and can see no end to the horrific life that is fibromyalgia it is extremely difficult to be positive or find the good in literally anything.

I want to stand and scream from the top of my lungs so the whole world can hear what fibromyalgia really is. It takes every part of you and tries its best to destroy it. The f Word plays its game of Russian roulette for the joys of it, and it does not discriminate either, young, old, Him or her it simply does not care.

I used to love reading, now due to the effects of fibro fog that is no longer the case, I struggle to remember the day, never mind what I’ve just read. I miss reading a lot. I also miss going out, walking with no pain, sleeping, being intimate with my partner everyday. Having to schedule in some couple time around fibro as you all know is a complete nightmare and passion killer. I wonder how many couples this has a devastating effect on. We do need more understanding, we didn’t ask for this and to have our lives completely destroyed.

These past few weeks I have really struggled with fatigue, my mental health and fibro fog. My pain has been manageable which would have been great, but no we don’t just get pain, we can get over 200+ symptoms so hey lucky us, take your pick. I personally hate the fatigue and fibro fog the most. Makes me feel like I am going crazy and cant move at the same time, it is total torture.

I know I am ranting but this is my space to do that, we tend to hold back when it comes to confiding in others. That is why I love my TIKTOK warriors as you all understand every step of this rollercoaster Ride. This wild journey that is THE F WORD.

So I just wanted to say a little thank you, each and everyone of you are amazing Warriors and have become very special to me. I also wanted to apologise for not being as active on TIKTOK or this site the past few weeks. I am trying my hardest to catch up with all the lovely comments and messages, kind words, advice and questions, I will get there.

so for now I am sending you gentle hugs, we got this Warriors



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