The dreaded F Fog

I awoke yesterday for the first time in a while where my pain was at a really good manageable level. I thought okay, great it is a bank holiday I can actually go out doors and enjoy the day and the great weather, as both doesn’t happen all that often. But as usual the F word has to throw a kick in and say hey your too good today let shave some fun with you….here you go I have now give you the most horrific Fibro Fog that you have ever had.

I felt like I was hammered, like I was on a heap load of drugs, my speech was slured, I found it almost impossible to form words, they were clearest in my mind but my mouth said everyone of them differently. I struggle so much to just hold a conversation.

Imagine that, you get to leave house to socialise after a year and a half of being confined the my home, and you can barely function. That has to be the worst fibro fog I have had so far. The fog and fatigue are the two that I despise the most. To me pain at a manageable level is not to hard to cope with on a daily basis but i can do it. when that fog and fatigue I am rendered useless.

On a positive note, I had the best day. Me and partner just relaxing and being a couple, as other warriors know this is a rare thing for some of us. Then you come down from that high like a ton of concrete, wham bam, here is FIBRO (in jack Nicholson’s voice). The next (today) I can barely move, I feel like I have had major flu going on, and my body has given up the ghost.

Plus side of today, my head is clear, no foggy brain today, I am talking in my usual scouse voice, with all its slang and Knowledge, the voice is back baby!!

Having this condition is such a life changing period, it takes a whole lot of trial and error on what works for you, so that you can live a productive life, not continuing to go from the bed, to the shower, or sofa. Spending most of our days in bed, because that is our safe place, it is also quiet from noises that trigger your nervous systems reactions. Over stimulation is huge in the F Word.

So my lovely Warriors, today is a better day as no fog, or fatigue just the usual debilitating pain as it is high today, nowhere near manageable. It is a bed today, I have learnt the hard way that you have to listen to your body, self care is paramount with this condition, so please make sure you are seeing to yourself while on this crazy journey, and we will do it together.

I Just want to say a huge thank you to my best friend Scott, this he text me this….

”Just remember though this isn’t your fault, you cant help the situation you are in”SE

That meant the world to me…. you all understand that and why.

sending you all gentle hugs


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