Will it ever end?

On a daily basis, that thought must run through my head a million times. Will this end, will I ever get my life back, will I find myself again, and the big one will I ever go into remission. I hold onto those thoughts like my life depends on it, in my case this is true. My life depends on the F Word, it has me by the balls and it isn’t letting its grip go.

well it isn’t all doom and gloom, this time last year I was bedbound, crying in pain, frustration and anger. Wandering why me, well why not? only the strongest are given the hardest of tasks, this is mine. Today I am about 60% better, more mobile.

No matter how many days I am in a flare, or the depression is overwhelming me, and the anxiety is crippling me, I know that better days are to come. My life isn’t over, it has simply changed its course. I have so many more memories to make and discover, my grandchildren that haven’t been born yet, my daughters getting married or seeing the world and discovering who they are as adults, I want to see all of it. And enjoy it. I want to make memories with my amazing partner, enjoy our time now. So many things that I WILL not let the F Word destroy.

I have made so many positive changes to my diet, my medications and exercise. I see the benefits and it gives me further hope that one day I can beat this. The medical fields will discover a medication that allows us to have live a productive life, they are making huge discoveries now about Fibro that they never knew 5 years ago. That gives me so much hope.

So hang in there, share with others how you are coping or feeling. know that you are not alone. Come join me on TikTok and Facebook. Links throughout the site.

gentle hugs

Mish 🙂

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