what I have found so far…..

living with the symptoms of fibromyalgia and then to be finally diagnosed takes it toll on you. I then found that after I became extremely lost and SEVERLEY DEPRESSED. I struggled alone for quite a while, I tried focus and support groups but I found that they we very doom and gloom, this affected me negatively. So I created my own support system, and through this I made some changes.

First I started with a heap of research, anything I found or was advised to try I shared and still do share with my warrior community. starting with some alternative medicines made sense to me, so I introduced ones specific to fibro symptoms. I started with Magnesium, turmeric and 5HTTP. Later on down the line, I further started taking cod liver oil and omega 3 for adults. These medicines allowed me to withdraw from many controlled drugs what where doing nothing good for me at all, i couldn’t funItion on them. I was nodding out as if on heroin and i was still in extreme pain, not sleeping, the fatigue and fibro fog was killing me. So introducing these natural remedies, I went from 8 very strong controlled drugs, to one strong painkiller. I went from being bedbound, to being able to have about 60% of my life back.

I then started looking into my diet, mainly because one of my previous medications increased my weight dramatically. So I went gluten free as much I could, and I cut down on a lot sugar intake. I started to make healthy, nutritious meals in my slow cooker, I find this to be the best lifer saver I’ve ever bought. you can find some amazing recipes on here.

When I am feeling anxious, or extremely depressed and I cant see a way out, I use the calming apps, or I listen to white noise. Personally I find these really helpful, not always sometimes nothing helps at all, I just have to let it pass on its own.

Having a chronic Illness, that changes from one minute to the other is extremely hard to live with, and at the minute I cant find anything that helps with all the symptoms, but what I have found works for me at the minute, and when I say works, I mean in the sense that I am no longer bedbound on a daily basis. I can function better, move around the house a bit better. My aim is to get back to work, that is my main goal. I am very proud of where I am now though, I run a well established support group on TIKTOK, a great support page on Facebook called FWARRIOR, this amazing website full of information, products, tips, and recipe’s and also a Fwarrior Boutique selling fantastic products. Why not have a look, I highly recommend using a journal to log your journey, I find this helps immensely when dealing with healthcare professionals, you can find some amazing ones in my Boutique. These platforms and what I am doing is not only helping others live this condition and many others, but it is helping me a lot more. I have found friendships with some amazing people worldwide, they keep me going with this condition, as they understand more than anyone.

So to all my wonderful Warriors, keep going, there are things out that can make life just a little easier, they wont heal us completely but they can give us some respite in some areas.

sending you all gentle hugs and extra spoons


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