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Hi, I’m Mish, most of you may know me from TikTok, a mum of two amazing adult daughters, and Partner of the most fantastic Man. I just happen to have Fibromyalgia AKA The F Word. I am passionate about bringing you awareness to this condition and of course all the best products to help you live a little better with it.

So keep an eye on my TikTok as I will be randomly posting updates on there about new products that are being featured on this page…see what I am doing here!!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and for visiting!



Many Warriors including myself would not be without the aid of CBD products to help us combat some of the symptoms of the F Word. As it has been the top recommended product it has to be the first product featured on this page.

Please visit LEAF REMEDYS for a fantastic range of CBD products, from a fantastic worldwide company, which is amazing. Alongside giving my warriors 20% discount on any product, they often run promotional offers throughout the year, AMAZING!!!

Visit LEAF REMEDYS today use code MK20

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