The OH Shit Kit….

My F word Survival Kit

I often get asked what I use daily to combat the symptoms of the F Word, I thought I would share with you all my daily survival kit. I would still be bedbound without all these to help me each day.

>Magnesium Citrate

>Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules

>Cod Liver Oil Capsules

>Keto Capsules

>Multi-Vitamin Capsules




>My TIKTOK Warriors

>My Funky Walking Stick

>Memory Foam Mattress Topper

>Netflix and Prime

>My Daughters and Partner

>Slow Cooker

>Games on my Phone

>Gentle Stretches for the F Word

Send me a message with your F word Survival Kits and I will publish them on my site.


Leave a comment on any page, Send a message through with your contact details, or TIKTOK.

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